Campaign Management

Business Situation

In a corporation with such a large number of users, it was not a sustainable situation to carry out campaign management independently from many channels. Managing the diversity of users and products from a centralized structure was the main goal of the customer. Accordingly, system should offer and complete new deals through various channels (SMS, Onepin, Telesales, Mobile etc.) synchronous. Output of this system is also critical and should be reported properly.

Our approach & Solution

We did an analysis for nearly a thousand fields related to the users of the customer. Batch and real time Datamarts prepared for targeting the users and executing offer scenarios through various channels. While these channels have an omni-channel structure and ability to communicate with each other, campaign management happens in a single tool. These Datamarts consist of segment, usage, invoice, payment, service requests, products information and planned to be calculated daily basis. Each one of the customer interactions in this system designed to be logged and kept. With detailed analysis and enrichment of logs processes can be reported in all details. This led the customer to keep track of KPI’s and improve the offer scenarios day by day.


  • PEGA for campaign offers
  • Oracle Goldengate and Cassandra for last minute check
  • SAP Business Objects for reporting