Working at CALIGO

Why Work at CALIGO

We have a value based approach to everything we do. Our values deliver a strong culture for our community. We are motivated to be The Leader, committed to Excellence, work as a Team and effectively connect with our Community.

As a graduate or experienced professional, you will be working with the leading brands to enhance and transform the way they do business. You’ll always find several opportunities with CALIGO that fit your expertise and passion.

You’ll have a chance to combine industry expertise and several technologies to help our customers unleash the potential of their data.

CALIGO community is a broader term that not only refers to CALIGO employees also includes our customers and partners. We are proud of our community who work energetically, with passion and commitment to assist and serve our community.

As a member of Caligo Community , you’ll enjoy a great work environment as well benefits including:

  • A wide-ranging health insurance policy
  • Extended leave policy
  • Birthday day off
  • Day off for parents on their children’s school starting and ending dates
  • Annual hobby budget
  • Meal Card
  • Laptops and other gadgets for office use
  • Gift Cards
  • Contribution to transport
  • Sponsored sports teams

Our Working Principles

The excellence of our people shapes the quality of our services and the way we do business. We are mature enough to answer this question : “Who we are and how we work?”

Our principles are the list of how we work written by CALIGO employees.

  • We communicate effectively
  • We strive for continuous improvement
  • We care about our team
  • We handle conflicts effectively
  • We are passionate
  • We believe in the importance of physical appearance
  • We have meeting standards

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process enables us to assess whether or not CALIGO is a good match for you, and if you are a good match for CALIGO.
Here’s everything you need to know about our recruitment process.

Before you apply for a role please make sure your CV and Linkedin profile is up to date. Also be sure your contact details are up to date so we can get in touch with you easily. We have a team of recruiters who try to find the best people to fulfil our recruitment needs. At this very first stage, they takes into consideration your CV, Linkedin profile, work experiences, academic background and extra-curricular activities.

If you are considered as a potential candidate, you will have a phone call with a member of our recruitment team. Our recruitement team will give you a brief about next steps.

Before face to face interview, we will ask you to complete 2 online assessments at your home. One is a work-related test of technical competence, other one is an analytical assessment including some analytical skills questions.

We will introduce you our company, organization and what we offer to our employees. We’ll discuss your skills and background, and ask you some behavioral type questions to assess whether or not CALIGO is a good match for you, and if you are a good match for CALIGO. Some roles may require a second interview to discuss some critical requirements and skills needed for a specific customer or project.

We’d like to speak to at least two work related referees, including your last employer or team mates where possible.

If you are a preferred candidate, we will call you to confirm our offer and starting date.

Current Vacancies

We are looking for people who share our passion to be committed to excellence, to be the leader, work as a team, and ready to join our community. If this sounds like you, check our current vacancies.