SME Segmentation

Business Situation

In order for banks to provide the advantages provided to SMEs, they must classify companies that meet the conditions specified by the relevant ministry as SMEs. One of the most important expectations of the project is that the variables and rules can be changed easily, as the ministry could change the rules periodically.

Our approach & Solution

Although it seems easy to apply the specified conditions at the beginning of the project, the quality of the input data and the provision of financial balance sheet data can be considered as the most critical issue. Our approach in the project was to provide prototype and statistical data to enable the relevant business lines to make easy decisions while determining the rules. Completing the missing information of thousands of customers by providing detailed analysis data and compliance with SME definitions has been one of the most important outputs of the project.


We implemented our processes via Oracle Databases and Oracle Data Integrator.
This output exported as flat files and transferred through FTP or e-mail notification.