Masak Transmissions

Business Situation

The main function of MASAK is to carry out researches and sectoral studies regarding the developments in the field of laundering proceeds of crime and the methods for preventing and revealing laundering offence, to develop measures, to gather data, to analyze and evaluate the gathered data, to make investigations and examinations or to have investigation or examinations made and to convey the obtained information and results to relevant authorities. Financial institutions are obliged to deliver the required data in the format requested by MASAK and at the expected time. The data requested for the prevention of financial crimes usually contain data sets containing transactional and personal or company information.

Our approach & Solution

Data accuracy and quick response of the requests were the first priorities as it is the data set required by a regulatory institution. Within the framework of these specified priorities, a flexible and responsive and sustainable architecture has been prepared. In the current situation, the project we applied has become a product that prepares the most accurate operational data of the bank and responds quickly to on-demand requests.


We implemented our processes via Oracle Databases and Oracle Data Integrator.
This output exported as validated XML and flat files and transferred through FTP or e-mail notification.