Business Situation

The purpose of this project is to plan the revenue, which is expected to be received from the contacts formed with the customers, during the term of the contract. IFRS-15 allows to calculate by taking a prospective approach to contracts.

Our Approach & Solution

Initially, historical data was included in the project by migration, in line with IFRS15 standards. As billing and CRM data was stored in different sources, we combined these different sources by using corresponding areas. Furthermore, the whole process was developed and turned into a package as a daily running code, sending data as an xml file to Ab Initio tool for validation. In parallel, some detected data quality issues were solved in this code. Many needed MEC (Monthly End Closure) Reports was developed based on this code. In addition, ad-hoc reports requests coming from business-unit was developed to let the business unit report and analyze revenue accurately.


PL/SQL Packages and Oracle Data Integrator was used for developing process and corresponding reports. To bring the relevant reports into the use of the business unit, Business Object was used.