Fees & Commissions Integration

Business Situation

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey had requested periodic reporting which includes fees and commissions of all products from banks to ensure transparency and audit. Due to the different operation of the fee and commission modules on a product basis, it could be called the most important challenge for the separation and classification of transactions in a short time. Due to the variety of products in banks, it was necessary to work with different departments to carry out analysis, development and testing processes in parallel.

Our approach & Solution

Within the scope of the project, a process with very high sensitivity and requiring strict follow-up and project management has been implemented since it is the counterparty regulatory authority and has a certain time constraint. As a solution, by dividing the process into manageable parts, data consistent with accounting is produced and applied over production data with relevant departments.


We implemented our processes via Oracle Databases and Oracle Data Integrator.
This output exported as flat files and transferred through FTP or e-mail. notification.