End of Day Batch Performance Tuning

Business Situation

End of day batch processes are one of the indispensable processes of every institution. End-of-day operations, especially in applications involving high-frequency transactions (credit card, deposit account transactions etc.), take long at critical levels from time to time, leaving them in situations that may incur financial losses. It does not have an effect on daily running processes and has not experienced a problem before, which usually causes the problem of not being able to identify the time when this problem will occur.

Our approach & Solution

The competencies of experts who usually work in OLTP systems are developing on software development and transactional processes. However, since the design and working logic of batch operations are different from OLTP, a process should be designed considering metrics such as the number of records, tables and attributes.


We prepared our processes via Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Databases, Oracle Data Integrator and Informatica.