Data Warehouse Modernization

Business Situation

Our customer planned a CRM migration for fixed lines business. During this migration they aimed to keep both CRMs online and manage their customers with different sources. As data warehouse should report them as one, it needed fundamental structural changes. Data warehouse modernization was inevitable for an adaptable environment while they had to keep both new and legacy CRM systems running.

Our approach & Solution

Combining NoSql and RDBMS was the starting point of the analysis. The new CRM includes source systems which have not been in the customer’s structure before. They were extracted to be combined in a common structure before implementing to the data warehouse. Our customer had an existing layered data model and we implemented our modifications layer by layer. Existing model had some issues to meet the demands of new logic and we included new subject areas to the model. We finalized our data model and ETL processes as a ready product for CRM migration.


  • PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server used for CRM
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Data Integrator preferred for data integration
  • SAP Business Objects preferred for reporting