Data Flow Modernization

Business Situation

Our customer needed a new architecture due to inconsistencies and non-recovery processes in data flow processes. Due to the excess of operational processes and the sanctions encountered in case of failure, there was a need for a solution and implementation that fully met their needs. Sometimes, in cases where the error was noticed late, there were problems ranging from incorrect regulatory report publishment or wrong customer actions.

Our approach & Solution

First of all, studies were carried out for the best fit solution, which is planned to be proposed by analyzing the current situation of the customer. Afterwards, solutions including different options were offered to our customers and cost-benefit analyzes were shared. The scope of the project has been determined within the expectations and priorities of the customer. Sample case studies including the troubles experienced by the customer were planned and the project prototype was presented to the customer in the first phase of the project, and most of the architecture to be delivered after the project was launched.


We implemented our processes via MS SQL Server and Informatica.
This output exported as flat files and transferred through FTP or e-mail notification.