Billing Journey

Business Situation

The project aim is to provide an environment where customers can follow their usage information like they did it with the invoices. With this project GSM users would have ability to see their products, product allowance details and usage data with enriched visuals. These details can be found for previous three months. The main goal is to improve end user experience through digital channels and determine new strategies for increasing these channels’ traffic.

Our approach & Solution

At first, User Interface were designed for web and mobile applications. The data required for these UI were analyzed and populated. We created a platform to keep track of the usage and allowance (GB, Minute etc.) of the products associated with the users. Product details consolidated from various source systems. CDR (Call Data Record) data examined and aggregated for every individual customer. Combining these two data sets led us to provide users’ information about their products, allowances and the amounts consumed from these allowances. We also provided integration for online channels to access data in the data warehouse environment.


We did our transformations on Oracle Databases and PL/SQL packages preferred for ETL (Oracle Data Integrator).